The Ritz, London
150 Piccadilly Circus
+44 (0) 20 7493 8181
The Ritz in London is probably the most sought after afternoon tea in the world. How many people can actually
say that they had tea here?

The Ritz was built like a French chateau in the Piccadilly area, only yards away from Buckingham Palace. The
interior is a Louis XVI-style. In fact, you can feel its elegance the moment you step into  the lobby.

The site tends to be quite intimidating considering the fact that one must dress properly when inside.  In other
words, no t-shirts or denim is allowed. The Palm Court, where tea is serve, is adorned with ionic columns,
chandeliers, and gold inlaid walls and ceilings -- much like a fairy tale setting.

The men serving tea all wear traditional tailcoats. I was very impressed by how the waitstaffs remembered my
visit to the hotel the year before. In addition, the pianist played a native piece, dedicated to me! I felt like an
important person. The brewed tea and hot water were served in a heavy silver tea set.

Finely cut tea sandwiches, freshly baked scones, fruit jam and clotted cream and varieties of delicate pastries
followed the tea. You're bound to have a memorable tea experience when coming to the Ritz in London. Since
tea is extraordinarly famous here, make a reservation six to eight weeks in advance. Tea is served from 3:30
pm. Afterwards, don't forget to take a walk to Forthum and Mason, which is located next door.

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