Ritz Carlton, New Orleans
The much awaited luxurious Ritz-Carlton in New Orleans, Lousiana, opened in the year 2000.  
Occupying the the former department stores Maison Blanche and the S. H. Kress.   Inside the
dignified building, Italian marble floors, fresh cut flowers, Romanian chandelieres... the
beautiful building is nothing short of pure radiance.  The Ritz-Carlton provides a peaceful refuge
from the chaos of the French Quarter.

Our hostess and server was constantly by our side to make sure we have everything we needed
and that our tea stays hot at all times.

After our tranquil and delightful  tea experience, we stepped into the hot and crowded Canal
Street.  The thought of going back into where we just come from would have been a  splendid
921 Canal St.
New Orleans, Lousiana  70112
Tel. 504 524 1337

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