The Peninsula
108 East Superior st.
Chicago, Illinois 60611
Tel. 312 337 2888
Meet the new luxury hotel of Chicago:
the Peninsula.  It was just recently
opened in June 2001,  but it has already
been recognized as one of the best in
the city.

We took the elevator to the fifth floor  
where they serve afternoon tea in The
Lobby.  The place has a feel of an
elegant yet airy atmosphere.  We took
the chance of announcing our presence
earlier than the appointed time. Because
of our action, we were allowed to
choose the location for our afternoon
tea.  Afterwards, we immediately took a
closer look at our sorroundings. We paid
even closer attention to the 20-foot high,
18-karat gold-gilded ceilings, the Murano
glass chandelier, and the lavish decor
with Asian and other modern influences.
The floor to ceiling windows facing
Michigan Avenue creates a bright and
open space.

As part of the afternoon tea servings, we
were first served with a lemon souffle,
which was quite ironic because I had
never had a souffle served during
afternoon tea before. Next, the tier of
scones with the cream and the fruit
preserves came, along with a variety of
tea sandwiches, consisting of the San
Daniele prociutto and melon on black
bread, smoked salmon and spring
onion, and the summer vegetables on
carrot bread and red pepper cream
cheese. Later, for the pastries, the Dutch
chocolate truffle cake, seasonal fruit tart
with brandy snaps, and the warm
strawberry and rhubarb crumble
provided a wonderful treat.

We also had the privilege of
experimenting with five different flavors
of tea. We had the silver jasmine, the
wild blossoms and berries, orchid
oolong, jasmine mist, and the Aasam
gold.  However, you can even have more
choices of tea from more than three
dozens of varieties.

While enjoying this tea ceremony,
classical music could be heard playing
from the minstrel's gallery.  A special
feature  which you will never see
anywhere else.   It is a balcony stage
setting, accented with a red curtain. A
cellist  or classical guitarist  is scheduled
to play alternately daily from 3:00 pm to
6:00 pm. In addition, the service does
not disappoint anyone, as expected
from the Peninsula staff.  Even the
manager, Noel Flores, constantly
checked on us to make sure we had
everything we needed.

It is always a treat to see something
different from the norm in taking
afternoon tea; the tea at the Peninsula
did just that.

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