Lanesborough, London
The Lanesborough is one of the top ten hotel palaces in the world. It is located very close to Buckingham
Palace. We had made a reservation at the Conservatory for tea prior to our visit.  Of all  the tea courts I
have ever been present in, the Conservatory was definitely one  of the most memorable. A roof of glass
brought about a feeling of being outside in the sunshine, without having to suffer the weather conditions,
noise, etc.

Our hostess  was one of the types of individuals who is not afraid to smile. As a result, we felt  both
welcomed and comfortable.

The following paragraphs can be found within the tea menu :
"OUR TEAS have been carefully selected with the help of Malcolm Ferry Lay, Master of Teas,
whose family has been connected with the tea trade since 1842. Like all natural products, tea varies
considerably throughout the seasons and for this reason, The Lanesborough teas are tasted daily,
ensuring quality and consistency of flavour."

"THE SAMOVAR: a metal urn that was a Russian invention of the mid-eighteenth century, used
primarily to heat water. Pinecones were packed at the bottom, then lit causing the water in the urn
to boil. In the late 1700's the English started using silver samovars to make tea. Considered an
object d'art by many today, we have revived this charming tradition at The Lanesborough"
During the entire afternoon tea experience, we were very impressed with our surroundings, and referred to
various unique objects often. We thoroughly enjoyed the sound of the piano and the peaceful waterfalls.
The combination of sounds was quite soothing to our ears.

With such a grand, sophisticated place like The Lanesborough, we never would have thought we would have
encountered such kind-hearted people; however, we were proved very wrong, and we took much pleasure in
our visit.
Hyde Park Corner, London SW1X7TA
United Kingdom
(44) (207) 259-5599

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