Harrods is widely known as the most celebrated store in
the world. It is only proper that one must try their
afternoon tea at the Georgian Restaurant.

The room holds an English ambience, with prestine table
covers, soft upholstery, and silver tea sets; the sight is
very welcoming.  I considered selecting the Harrods
special blend, but decided I was more in the mood for the
Assam. Later, the varieties of tea sandwiches, Harrods
scones spread with clotted cream and preserves, and the
array of tea cakes and  pastries served on a three-tiered
silver stand arrived.  After  long hours of shopping in
Harrods, the thought of having afternoon tea is something
to always look forward to.

After the sumptuous experience, we decided to leave
through the women's clothing section. I saw a
familiar-looking man with security guards by the doors. It
was hard for me to believe that it was really Muhamed Al
Fayed himself!  Since he was only talking to one person,  I
did not hesitate to approach him and I was rewarded with
undivided attention. He even took the time to shake my
hand, look me in the eyes, and ask my name. I know he
would not remember me in the near future, but these
simple acts  of kindness were enough for me to like him.  
Having tea at Harrods was not bad at all, and you never
know who you may bump into later.

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