Four Seasons, New York
While being the tallest hotel building in
New York, the imposing lobby of this
flagship hotel will have anyone a one
minute hesitation in order to admire its
artistic splendor. Honestly, if you are not
dressed up then it is only proper to
change first. This super-luxurious hotel
was designed by I.M. Pei in 1993, the
same person who designed the pyramid
art at the Museum Louvre in Paris.  
Marble floors, limestones walls, onyx
ceiling and grand columns create a
majestic  public setting.

Ascending to the right of the lobby is the
Lobby Lounge, where they serve
afternoon tea. We were greeted
immediately by the hostess and were
ushered to our assigned table. The lounge
is decorated with finest leather furniture
and beautiful, fresh flower arrangements
displayed all over the sophisticated room.  
Feeling comfortable after a long walk, I
sipped my chosen hot  Imperial Oolong
tea, that possessed subtle flavor and crisp
finish. Some of the tea choices were
sencha fukujyu cha, one of Japan's most
popular natural tea leaves, pear tree
green, and pannetone (like the cake, it is
swirled with a hint of vanilla and the zest
of lemons and oranges). You can also
choose from a fine selection of  
traditional and herbal flavors. It did not
take long before our hostess presented us
with a three-tiered stand, loaded with
mouth-watering deviled chicken salad on
pumpernickel, smoked salmon roulade in
a potato wrap, beefsteak tomato with
arugula and olives on sourdough, and
roasted tenderloin of beef with celery
root remoulade. Then the warm scones
with Devonshire cream and preserves
were presented, and for dessert, we had
chocolate-dipped strawberries, raspberry
cheesecake, pistachio cream puffs,
chocolate brownies, and apricot brownies.

We entertained ourselves by just
admiring the surroundings. It is an art by
57 East 57th Street
New York, NY 10022
Tel. 212 758 5700

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