The Dorchester
The following paragraph can be
found on the opening page of The
Promenade menu:

"The Promenade is the social heart
of The Dorchester, its glorious pill-
ated sweep one of the most elegant
meeting places in London Society,
and the ideal vantage point from
which to sink into a deep, soft sofa
and watch the world go by.

Francesco Palminteri and his team are
always delighted to welcome you."

When one enters the lobby and walks to
The Promenade, one can easily be
distracted by the marble columns,
enlaced with gold. We were seated on an
exceptionally plush couch, facing
towards  the main part of the hotel. We
were served our tea, which is considered
to be the hotel's specialty. Piano music
was provided, and we took part in our
traditional afternoon tea ceremony. One
may start his or her tea with a glass of
Rose champagne, and the host  later
presents you with a platter of pastries.
Afternoon is served five times daily,
1:15pm, 2:30pm, 3:15pm, 4:45pm and
5:15pm in The Promenade and in The
Parlane, London
Tel. +44  (0) 20 7629 8888

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