The Carlyle
35 East 76th St.
New York
Tel. (212) 744-1600
Entering the stately hushed lobby of the Carlyle was a relief after walking along the crowded Fifth Avenue.
This elegant Manhattan address is very expensive. The decor is European, and it is filled with  antiques and
tapestries. The Carlyle opened in the year 1930 and it has been the choice of many famous people who have
desired privacy. The list includes John F. Kennedy, who was secretly visited by Marilyn Monroe.

Afternoon tea in the Carlyle Gallery was intimate and very cozy. The color scheme and design of the gallery
was inspired by the Topkapi Palace in Turkey. Feeling comfortable in our surroundings, we ordered our tea
from over a dozen choices, like jasmine, black currant chamomile, peppermint,     linden,    verveine, assam,
and another half dozen favorites. Following the tea was the sandwiches, along with the English scones serve
with devonshire cream and fruit preserves. Lastly, the miniature pastries arrived on a three-tiered stand.
While savoring all the delicacies, Orlando, our host, was nothing but friendly, and I took the liberty of
knowing if he had ever served afternoon tea to any famous figure. He then continued to tell us that he had
once served afternoon tea to Princess Diana herself. It was satisfying to know that he was serving us as well.
Orlando made sure to stop by and check on us whenever he had the chance and to make us even more
comfortable.  Feeling envigorated after finishing the delightful treat, our host advised us to check the
whimsical mural of the bar by the famous author and illustrator, Ludwig Bemelman.  He was the creator of the
children's book character,   Madeline.  Thus, the bar is named after him- The Bemelman Bar.

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