Alvear Palace
Av. Alvear 1891, C1129AAA
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Known for its seductive tango, premier
museums and historical buildings, Buenos
Aires welcomes us with a promising
surprises.  Our afternoon tea journey started
at the old world landmark hotel situated in
the heart of Recoleta District.  The refined
Alvear Palace originally opened in 1932 and is
now one of the finest in the world.  The
Alvear Palace is visited by royalties,
dignitaries and famous figures, and is known
for its unsurpassed service and luxury
accommodations. Louis period style
furnishings, gilded wood panels and beautiful
flower arrangements graced the main lobby.
Walking through the grand French-inspired
public areas, one can't help but   dress up in
order to fully experience the Belle Epoque

Standing at the threshold of the
L'Orangerie,  I was entranced by the
elegance of my surroundings. The friendly
hostess ushered us past the imposing crystal
chandelier to the unique and impressive
solarium.  The natural lighting, hanging
greens and wood trellis walls did not distract
from the existing ambiance. It's one of the
very few tea courts that has stood out from
others I have visited.

Our charming, white-gloved wait staff
explained the  ritual and what was to come.  
We decided on the traditional flavored tea of  
L'Orangerie and the exclusive Alvear Blend
of black tea leaves, rose petals, almonds and
Mediterranean citrus.  We were fascinated by
the pouring process of the brewed tea to
another tea pot through the infuser...
definitely a unique style, in my experience.  
It was followed by a tier of sumptuous
delicacies, expertly prepared mini patisserie,
fruit tartlets and warm scones.  Later a wait
person glided a cart full of exquisite dessert
to our table and we made a selection as part
of the whole afternoon tea experience.

During our tea we met and befriended the
charming Fernando, one of the restaurant
managers.  He became a familiar face around
the hotel and he never failed to greet us with
enthusiasm.  He and his afternoon tea crew
made our experience memorable in this first
visit to Buenos Aires.

Alvear Palace was our safe haven during our
stay.  We always returned back to the
beaming faces of the valets and welcoming
lobby after each day of adventures. My only
regret during the entire trip was that I failed
to greet my favorite Mr. Josua Bell when we
bumped into him in the lobby.

Open Monday to Saturday 4:30 to 7:00 pm
Sunday  5:00 to 7:00pm

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