The Grand
A Mediterranean oasis amidst the lush
canyon landscapes of northern San
Diego--welcome to The Grand Del Mar.
The Grand's architecture was originally
inspired by the renowned visionary
Addison Mizner, so it is no surprise that
its design elements transport you to a
whimsical moment during 19th century
Europe set amongst coastal French
estates, ornate Spanish Palaces, and
Italian artistic epicenters. I could not
imagine a more immaculate marble
entryway to prepare you for a
glamorous escape.  

The best time to visit The Grand is on
the weekend when they offer their
distinguished afternoon tea service.
This time-honored tradition is typically
hosted in The Grand Library; a warm,
elegant room adorned with antique
bookshelves and opulent furnishings.
Due to overwhelming popularity,
however, they also accommodate tea
parties in their intimate lobby lounge,
where we enjoyed an exquisitely
comfortable setting. Plush cushions,
the sweet smell of pink roses at our
table, and the breathtaking garden
views beyond the sheer magnificence
of the lobby were more than enough to
get me settled!   

When the tea ceremony began, we were
met by charming servers who described
the details of our upcoming experience
and offered us an assortment of
delectable teas. I highly recommend the
White Ambrosia, as it was simply
unforgettable! They later brought a
delicious sampling of five finger
sandwiches, two scones, and beautiful
array of five different desserts. The
Tahitian Vanilla Scones laced with
Lemon Curd and Double Devonshire
Cream, and the Petite Fruit Tart, were
just a few of the indulgently delightful
treats, all tastefully served on refined
Constance Bernardaud French china.    

As all good things must come to an end,
we finished the last crumbs of our
desserts and took a stroll through the
resort grounds. We took a peek at one
of the grandiose ballrooms, meandered
through the topiary-lined gardens, and
found solace in the chapel which was
strikingly decorated with a rustic barn-
wood roof and gleaming marble floors.
A final walk along sweeping veranda
overlooking the pool was the perfect
way to wrap up the afternoon and soak
in one more breath of Pacific
Mediterranean charm.       

The Grand Del Mar certainly lived up to
the elegant and refined standards of
local San Diego Tea Courts. However,
the experience was, yet again, defined
by Marie’s lovely company! After a
bustling weekend of errands, she
elegantly demonstrated how to relax,
calmly unwind, and fully enjoy the art of
tea. I cannot wait for the next one, as a
tea with Marie…well, there is simply
nothing more grand.   

-Bridget Cameron
5300 Grand Del Mar Court
San Diego, CA 92130 USA
855 314 2030

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